Official Statement on the Craft Freedom Movement

The mission of Crafty Beer Guys is to ensure that the pint consumed tastes just as the brewer intended. Whether from an independent, local micro-brewery or a beer distributed around the world - the beer should taste as the brewer intended. This is our work.

We support the Craft Freedom movement because it works to provide choice in how breweries in our state decide to grow their businesses. As a small, growing business, we enjoy and are grateful for the freedom to make the decisions we feel best serve the growth of our people, services, and brand in the beverage industry.

We value the contributions of both wholesale distrubutors and self-distributing breweries in North Carolina. At the end of the day, both serve to expand the choice that beer drinkers have in our state.

Crafty Beer Guys partners with both self-distributing breweries and wholesaler distributors by maintaining their draft beer lines according to guidelines set forth by the Brewers Association, again working to ensure that the pint you drink tastes just as the brewer intends.

We believe that clean beer lines, high-quality draft systems, and comprehensive draft maintenance are the paramount rights of all draft beer drinkers, brewers, and companies that produce, distribute, and promote beer.

We support and are members of: The Brewers Association, NC Craft Brewers Guild, NC Beer & Wine Wholesalers Association, and Craft Freedom.

In our work with independent breweries and wholesale distributors, we've found everyone to be kind, passionate about their products, enthusiastic for clean beer lines and well-maintained draft systems, and grateful to be part of a growing industry.

Thank you for your continued support of our work and for your engagement in the beverage industry.

Any questions, comments, or concerns can be addressed to