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With many satisfied clients, Crafty Beer Guys are the most reliable and trusted draft technicians in the Greater Charlotte, NC area.

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If you’re a beer enthusiast or a wine lover, visit our shop. It’s stocked with various craft beers and wine, and open 7 days a week.

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We can build, install, and maintain draft systems, host beer and wine tastings, and educate and train your staff to properly care for your beer and wine.

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Call or Email us about our services. We’d be glad to talk with you. Stop by the shop anytime to purchase craft beer or wine.

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We’ve built custom tap systems, bar and shop builds, changed lines, and upgraded towers.

Home Brew Kits

What Else? We Have Homebrew Kits.

Have you ever wondered how your favorite beverage is made? If you’ve mastered the meticulous process of boiling water, changes are you can stumble your way through brewing a batch of beer. At Crafty Beer Guys, we have what you need to get started down the road of becoming a professional amateur Brew Master including ingredients, equipment and folks to share your last batch with. If you’re still skeptical, come take one of our Homebrew classes for $15 and fall in love with this time honored art. Don’t forget to have a beer while you’re here. You know… for educational purposes!

For you advanced brewers out there, let us help you take the leap into All-Grain, kegging or just upgrading your current equipment. We’ll do our best to make sure you end up with the best set up to fit your unique situation.

  • We sell homebrew kits: master the art of beer!
  • We offer Homebrew classes, which are available for $15.
  • Advanced brewers welcome. We’ve got material for you too.
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Crafty Beer Guys are you local craft beer experts.

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